Video: Trader, Paul Tudor Jones

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    I get a blank, black screen where the video would usually be, with no play button. The rest of the page appears normal, with links to other videos, search bar, etc. Suggestions?
  3. What I got out of it was even the billionaires are only human.

    There is a part with TJ sitting on his knees in his sneakers with his fingers crossed hoping this trade works out.

    Now that I can relate to.
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    You have to put in the password PTJ in Chinese. It worked for me....
  5. cool, that worked. thanks.
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    Where did you enter the password, and how did you know to enter PTJ?
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    PTJ likes to drink budweiser while pulling down big money trades. :cool:
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    I really did love that video. He bought the rights to it and keeps yanking it off every site it gets hosted on. Try to rip it quick.

  9. I've heard a lot about this video, nice to finally see it.
  10. This video is my favorite trading video of all time. Does he keep yanking it because he doesn't want people to know about his correlation anaylasis or is it because he is embarressed that he lied to one of his floor buddies about selling crude like a motherfucker on a certain day when his buddy thought he was supposed to be long?
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