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  1. Soonek


    Used tapes for resales

    Alexander Elder's Tapes For Resales

    1 New Tactics - Trading For Living - 2 tapes
    2 Trading at the Right Edge - 2 tapes
    3 Triple Screen Trading System - 1 tape
    4 Relatives Strength Index - 1 tape
    5 Technical Analysis - 1 tape
    6 MACD & MACD Histogram - 1 tapes

    Purchase all at $220 including shippping. Master Class with Gerald Appel VHS tape can be included at nominal fees with condition apply.


    Please note that your VHS player to be of Multisystem or can also
    play PAL format.

    Advanced Get Seminar Tapes

    1994 Cleveland Seminar 4 Tapes PAL system $100
    1996 Cleveland Seminar 4 Tapes PAL system $100

    Elliott Wave & Classic Charting 1 Tape Pal System $30
    (Free if buy both sets of AdvGet Tapes)

    Both of these are NTSC format. $105
    KeyPoint- The key to tommorrow's Market Prices..Today!

    All price include shipping

    Time, Price & Pattern

    Act fast as it normally go very fast.
  2. nkhoi


    did you sell tape in yahoo group too, how many GET tape do you have?
  3. Soonek


    Yeah same as Yahoo, the 1997 video seminar is out. Left these 2 sets.
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  4. MartinS



    Do you still have the Advanced Get seminar videos ?
  5. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    You do realize that you are responding to a thread that is almost 14 years old, don't you? Which is made even more confusing by the fact that you have been here for almost 18 years! So, tell me your brand of vodka because I need to go out and purchase it immediately.
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    Well. I like Absolut vodka :)
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    Big AAPL

    There ya go! Touché!