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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Honda, Nov 7, 2001.

  1. Honda


    I noticed there are several video tapes hitting the market about stock trading, maybe someone has viewed one of these tapes and could give their review and recommendation. One video comes to mind is Don Millers "trading the QQQ's".
  2. PTTrader


    $795 for a QQQ video seems like a lot to choke on. I've never bought any videos though. If it would help me shape my abs and gloots, maybe I'd buy it. Not sure if it helps, but I've noticed Chris Schumacher posting free videos everyday through the site. They seem to be fairly informative even if they are just a review of trades. But hell, they are free.

    And as a disclaimer, you already know what I think about chat rooms :D so there is no affiliation.
  3. jsmith


    I always wondered about this Pristine videos.
    I was tempted to buy the Micro Trading Tactics but I
    don't know if it'd give me any new ideas. Has anyone
    who has bought this video tell me if it's worth it?

    I would hate to buy a video and have them teach
    me about how to draw Support/Resistance/Trend lines.
    Then walk me through simple examples of different
  4. Guys,

    You have an inexpensive and dynamic video in front of you everyday! Its called your realtime charts ... learn from em!

  5. liltrdr


    The videos might be worth it if you want to actually see and review how a real pro does it. Some people learn better by watching. And some people just like to watch but they're perverts.
    Just consider how many other people are buying the same strategy and placing stops and buy/sell orders in the same area. It could get kinda congested but obviously QQQ is very liquid. Maybe it's better to go to a Bright seminar for a thousand grand.
  6. I am sure Bright Trading would not only give you a seminar, but also put you up in the Hilton for a thousand grand (=$1million) :D
  7. Someone once lent my a video about options trading, it was either by Lee Gettess or Don Fishback. From the cover it sounded like it would unveil some fantastic strategies that would give you guaranteed profits.

    I found the video absolutely useless. It provided basic information about the mechanics of options, and little else. I fast forwarded most of it. He described some half baked strategy at the end that in reality would provide no edge whatsoever.

    On a side note, I went to a 1 hour seminar with Larry Williams where the audience were all professional traders. Looking around the room, it was obvious not many impressed by the disinterested faces. He showed us some new indicators that made no sense at all, of course with a lot of well chosen examples. As this was a freebie presentation, he mentioned that the real meat and potatoes was in his "master class" or whatever over the weekend.

    Afterwards, a lot of the traders were having a good laugh about it.
  8. liltrdr



    Shit! That's a freudian slip. A thousand grand is what I made today in trading. You understand how it could happen... :)
  9. Harry


    Well, I do have the Pristine Videos (just watched the Swing Trading Video) - I bought them not because of the "content" but because they were taken at a Daytrading EXPO - and as I'm from Europe it's not quite "just around the corner" - so I wanted to get an impression of the lectures there.

    Conclusion: the video covers about 1/1000 of the book and costs a lot - if you would have videos that cover the whole book they would sure cost 1k grand :D

  10. Honda


    What about Ken Calhoun's daytrading university videos, advanced daytrading & winning chart patterns?
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