Video Shows Bikers Chase And Attack An SUV Driver In NYC

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  2. Fights are pretty common in nyc. I've also had my car punched.
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    I guess that's better than a kick in the balls. :D
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    Another reason for concealed carry.
  5. This was a horrifying incident. He would have been justified in running them down and killing them. They smashed the window of his Land Rover with a bike helmet, with his wife and baby in the car, and beat him. Where the freakin' police anyway. This went on for blocks. You can't turn around in NYC without seeing cops.

    The story didn't mention a racial angle but the comments did. Apparently it is a biker gang of people from the dominican republic. Wonder how many are illegals?

    If the police don't catch these thugs and throw the book at them, they have validated every argument for concealed carry we have ever made.
  6. Listen to this, I had members of the FDNY physically attack my car with their fists. IT was because I didnt realize they were attempting to park the fire truck and was attempting to pass them, with them just standing out in the street. That was at 125th and 3rd avenue in Manhattan. Decided not to file a complaint against them.
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    Stuff like this really bugs me. Low-life, criminal types always hunt in packs. Bullies hide behind their numbers to intimidate victims. Police should be up their ass in minutes. Probably half those losers are illegal, collecting welfare, dealing drugs, or have warrants. GTFO there and do your jobs, cops. Concealed carry, all the way. I would have loved to see the Range Rover knock over those fuckers on the highway. Who knows? Instead of being visciously beaten, he could have been killed. This is so fucked up we live in a society where a man can't even protect himself with his own family. What kind of country is this???? Seriously. This is why I wont live in the city, with animals like that. You get jumped, you get killed. You defend yourself with lethal force, you get thrown in jail. YOU CAN'T WIN.
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    Fuck them. Alot of these public servant, first-responder types are ego-maniacs. There's no fucking way it's legal for them to pound on ur car because they're "FDNY". they can suck a fat d.
  9. What led up to the guys on bikes being upset with the SUV? Maybe the driver is a big asshole?
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    The bikers intimidated drivers all over the freeway. One biker stopped right infront of the SUV (within a foot). The guy pumped his breaks, bumped the bike, and the animals had all the justification they needed to chase the car, smash it, drag out the driver, and beat him from an inch of his life, infront of his wife and 2 year old child....

    That's what we did in grade 7-8. Roam around the neighborhood, intimate people, destroy property. And when an adult protested, they were now the enemy. It was a game. "Fun". This is how children behave. Except they're grown ass adults, inflicting major bodily harm. That driver could have been killed.

    Notice, the cops didn't catch the gang yet, because none of them had license plates on their motorcycles. Sound like the activity of well-intentioned, law-abiding citizens?
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