Video: Shiller Says Americans Starting to Doubt Home Ownership

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    "Green shoots"... I'm so sick of hearing that nonsense.

    Housing prices are going to fall a LOT further. The US Goobermint will not be able to stop it no matter what they do. TPTB goal is to fool people into spending money they don't have and going deeper into debt. They are trying to prop up housing and re-inflate this bubble.

    "The stimulus wasn't big enough" -unbelievable. Shiller is another Obama kool-aid drinking socialist.
  2. Let me break it to you assholes gently.

    First learn the correct meaning of "socialism" and liberal before you mouth of like the illiterates you are.

    Second, Obama, or Bammy, as you assholes like to call him, is continuing EVERY bush program including the continuation of useless wars and spending on useless military hardware.

    Obama, or bammy, as you assholes like to call him, is in the pockets of big govt. Just like Bush Jr was. Big Pharma and corrupt health insurance corporations just about re-wrote his entire "healthcare over-haul".

    Obama is a Reagan Republican. He successfully acted like a liberal black man to corner the black vote. Just like Reagan was a democrat who sucessfully cornered the republican white trash vote. Both are good at putting on an act.

    Obama, or bammy as you assholes like to call him, is more republican than any of you assholes. You assholes wouldn't know this, because even Hitler isn't conservative enough for you assholes.

    But then again, no one ever accused you assholes of being any smarter than the average bush monkey.

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  4. Horse shit...I can't keep inventory in stock. People rent and/or then they buy then Doc Z counts his money. Because I loaded the boat when this guy said we're going into the tank.

    NEVER NEVER EVER listen to an academic when you're born trader.
  5. Key word in that story is "investors."

    But we all know investors never get it wrong, right?

    No matter what anyone says, I know several markets first hand, and the inventory in Florida is mind boggling.

    I don't care how many investors gamble with properties down there, between the incredibly high HOA fees, taxes and carrying costs, and massive inventory of new and used units, it's all a shot in the dark, especially given that boomers are no longer enamored with Florida per se, and are becoming net sellers of assets, and there are three boomers for anyone in the generation below them.
  6. It's the term made up by this sasquatch earlier this year:
    So every time you repeat it, you're parroting what this incompetent "baroness" is spewing.
  7. The problems with Shiller's home price indexes are 1) it's heavily weighted toward two metro areas: NY and LA, while leaving other important metro areas underrepresented. 2) it does NOT take into account new home sales, creating a sample selection bias. Therefore changes in Case-Shiller does not reflect the overall health of US housing market. .

    That being said I do respect Shiller's opinions (although his firm is of the most deceptive kind). His predictions are often off in timing, but usually would come out true in the end.
  8. I think over the last 20 years, many people have been lured into the "a home is the best investment one can make" myth. Heck if one home is good, why not own three?

    To me, a home that I live in is consumption, not an investment. It doesn't make me any money, it costs me money. Plus, the bigger your house it usually means the more illiquid it is as an asset.
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