Video re 1929 Crash: Wall St & Main St diverge, Buffet tries to instill confidence

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  1. Buffet wants to be the modern 'House of Morgan.'

    Eerie similarities to today.

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  2. No . . . actually not similiar at all. The only similarity between propping up other banks and buying a railroad is that money is exchanged. - - -
  3. Totally right, Buffet is buying because he thinks its cheap, not to support the system. I don't know if he would support the system if it needed it, he would buy companies that he perceived had value.

  4. Buffet has open naked puts. He bought a company from himself and tried to weasel Berkshire into the sp. He will die choking on a big mac.
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    You do mean short puts, right? By chance, do you know what the strike and expiration is on those puts?

  6. He has thrown a hail mary...

    “It doesn’t mean we’re out of business, but it does mean that we won’t be making any huge deals for a while,” Buffett told the network today. He said earlier this year the company needs at least $10 billion in cash to be ready for unforeseen events such as catastrophe claims at its insurance units.
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    But he did help out Goldman Sachs in its time of need. That would be helping the system (and himself).
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    he wasn't doing charity, more like he bought it at that time thinking it was cheap, why do u think he went on saying later if the gov't doesn't bail out the banks/ economy whatever the economy will crumble or something ... during that time he was taking a something like over 30% loss or sorts
  9. Buffett bought BN because he has too much cash and he knows that cash is going down the tubes.
    BN is a decent inflation hedge...
  10. Deflation is the much larger threat, and maybe for many years. Bond markets have it right.

    Gold will crash soon. Very soon.
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