video play problems 2

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stephenszpak, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. I have no idea what happened. I can't post to
    the old thread! -Stephen
  2. Anyway, java is enabled and pop-ups are allowed
    from the IE | tools menu. I think we've run out of ideas?

  3. Ebo


    That JAVA crap you posted crashed my machine!

  4. I'm so sorry. I just copied (by hand) what I saw in a menu
    box. I AM sorry, really. -Stephen
  5. Maybe I should. All I did was go to Tools |
    Interent Options | Advanced and then
    I typed in the java info that was there. Anyway
    java box there is checked. -Stephen
  6. maybe u need to install new plug-ins[?]
    similar problems here with me mac'n'still lookin' for that illusive plug-innit to open luck so far :(
  7. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    look like you got some mutant java app, try uninstall all java you have then re-intall the lastest one, try both java and flash. Here is ver I have
  8. beatpoet


    Yeah, I'm drying out on ideas. Will put more thought into it later.'

    Ebo, using the things listed above won't work with everyone. Java is a very particular script application. Ever since SP1, Microsoft's Virtual Machine was disabled, requiring many people to install Java runtimes, in lieu of MS' weird software update. Anyhow I might have to put a disclaimer on my posts from now on. Sorry that it crashed your system. If you were having the same problems as Steven's, share the problems that came up from it.

    Steven, have you tried viewing the vids from CNN? They use a very similar video feed system (IE, Media Player, Flash, Java). I need a bit more input, since nobody is going to be willing to give me remote con to check your settings.

    Just got a thought. I wonder if you're using any other type of video-viewing software. Sometimes it might interfere with embedded websites.

    Try these before I go and drown my sorrows at the Frolic Room (good Hollywood bar, ahem).

    -In Win Media Player, go to Tools, Options, and the File Types tab. Make sure a good number of movie/video file types are checked off. Click OK, pray to the gods, and restart.

    -Uninstall all instances of Java, restart computer, download a stand-alone Java runtime application, run it, reboot, and retry.

  9. Yes, I have the same version. -Stephen
  10. zdreg


    not quite the same thing but when i try to watch an AP video while in yahoo news it goes to yahoo news and the screen which is on the page is blank.
    any thoughts would be appreciated
    #10     Apr 22, 2006