Video on Shorting the Market

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  1. I think you had me at stochastics.

    Clear Double top, watch the swing low in between.

    Mid swing breaks, wait for that breakdown bar to make a new ll ie a lower tick.

    At this point draw a downtrendline connecting all the high pivot points.

    Whenever price approaches that trendline, short it.

    Cover when a reversal formation in price forms, bullish engulfing, reversing signals, high bullish bars etc.

    When an upswing develops above the trendline, the downtrend is prob over and it's time to look for the new trend.

  2. Well put Anek. I'm with you on that.
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    cool :)
  4. If you liked that. Look at this video post from November 7th. The QQQQ were looking a bit heavy to me. This was a daily chart, but works on intraday charts too.