Video of punk getting tasered

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  1. dude.. that video's been around more than your sister. the guy was an idiot but not for your reasons. tasers can be a very effective method to avoid injury to all parties. this was not an example of that. the police used poor judgement on this one. i could have easily talked this guy out of the library but they chose to make a huge drama out of it. today it's "where's your ID" tomorrow it will be "where's your papers." these campus cops tend to have the "barney fife" syndrome. a smart cop knows how to keep a situation like this from escalating.
  2. Hilarious! The best part was hearing the moonbat yelling, in-between applications of umpteen volts of electricity to his pathetic ass, "There's your fucking Patriot Act!!"

  3. You really are a child, aren't you?
  4. I find that older people have more respect for authority than younger people in general.
  5. thank god Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson, and Nathaniel Hale weren't a bunch of cowards like you guys.
  6. Looks like a bunch of lazy pigs who didn't feel like putting the bare minimum of elbow grease into their work, and went for the 'easy button' instead.

    They're tasering six year old children now too, you know. Par for the course.

  7. OK, you're thinking: "What a dumbass kid! He could have simply gotten up as commanded, and avoided all that pain." But it's not that simple. The kid's name is Mostafa Tabatabainejad.

    Hasn't anyone absorbed the concept I've been trying to explain here for years? For the tenth time, Middle Easterners put <b>Honor & Pride</b> above everything else. Personal, Family and Tribal Honor, in that order. Money, possessions, health, friendships, comfort, blood...even human life are all secondary, relatively unimportant values.

    Assuming the kid was raised with Middle Eastern values, and isn't bright enough to think for himself (a routine failure of MOST homo sapiens), he <b>naturally</b> would have chosen physical pain over the public <b>dishonor</b> of obeying commands like a whipped dog.

    If America wants to win wars in the Middle East, Americans might first want to learn how those people think, no?
  8. It's hard to tell whether this guy was continuing to not cooperate as a form of civil disobedience or because he was incapacitated by the first shocks.
  9. He was looking for the lawsuit...The screams of agony were just icing on the cake...I million per scream...the atty is foaming at the mouth...I can just hear it now...

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