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  1. Hey guys. I am Danny. I just posted my P/L stats for the trading day Feb 28 in the P/L thread and thank you all for your slew of comments.

    To be more interactive, I am starting a new thread where you can upload in here any video disclosing your P/L. Wouldn't that be cool? We see the P/L stats for any given trading session in live action.

    You can use camtasia plater to record the vid.
    So master traders out there, bring it on! I will put in here my vid too, watch for it...
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    good luck
  3. Good idea. Looking forward to some videos!
  4. Hi guys:

    I am sorry for the delay, i know i have promised that i post trading videos from my trading, but since i am not a tech savy, i was looking to find ways to do that.

    For now i will post in on youtube but i am asking one of my friend to find a better way to.

    I will keep all of you updated
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    what's the username on yourtube
  6. Me thinks there's something fishy and a sales pitch coming on. And that we should be looking in simulated P&L for your results.