Video: None Other Than Mr. Warren Buffet Says 'Depression is Possible'

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  1. Buffet on Charlie Rose:

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  2. Great interview by Rose of Zuckerman & Andrew Ross-Sorkin, where the 'dreaded D' is discussed:

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    the first one is fantastic, the second one is terrible...
  4. Buffet is an idiot at the moment for some reason. He needs to shut up.
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    maybe you can state your reasons...?
    is it maybe because he has a lot of cash on hand?
  6. Thanks, good video on Buffet.

    I like his quote "Beware of geeks bearing formulas".

    His comment on how he would like to hire the guy who did the deal on AIG for the gov't, this restores faith in fact that we do have some smart guys working in gov't.
  7. Because he was offered the chance to step up and help. He said this was all "too big" and walked away.

    Now, he's licking our bones, and then talking his book to save the cellar.

    Disgusting. And at 77. You're supposed to leave the world a better place.
  8. He's a despicable parasite. In a CNBC interview last year he bemoaned the lack of universal health insurance in the U.S. Well then, why doesn't Buffet do something about it? He's ALREADY in the insurance biz. As a MAJOR player. Writing the most SAFE coverage imaginable, AUTOMOBILE policies. How friggin' noble. Why can't Geico revolutionize health insurance? Because Buffet's a socialist tool. I hope he has a coronary while Becky Quick is going down on him....
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    Warrens full of it.

    Guy refused to lay blame at Wallstreet.

    Cited "trust" as the root issue instead of excessive leverage.

    Fear Mongered a depression for the little Guy when, in reality, its Gigantic US Banks that face Armageddon.

    Listen, if the Government can swoop in and print 1.5 Trillion (running total), they can nullify CDS and let the credit markets go to shit.

    Notice Buffet never mentioned why Banks don't lend to each other - because they're full of garbage debt they've habitually lied about and papered-over.

    No wonder there's a "trust" issue. Because the Banks are liars and con-men.
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