"Video never to be shown again" from "Flight 93 never before seen video"

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  1. Good question.

    Hadnt seen that, did it mention how long after the crash that was taken? Maybe they scooped up the big bits quick smart.

    But beyond that, the debris pattern appears to be from an airborne explosion, not a crash as such.

    The crater mentioned, ( the only crater mentioned at all, 15-20 ft etc) is the right size for an engine dropping from high altitude, or hitting at high speed.

    Wheres the other one? Or the rest of the thing? The big bits?

    "Nothing bigger than a phone book".
  2. I wanted to change the title to "Video never to be shown again" from "Flight 93 never before seen video" as it was shown originally on that morning TV news broadcast..duh
    But my 20 minute edit time had expired.
  3. And why was there no fire? What happened to all the fuel? I dunno. Seems weird 2 me.

  4. Yeah, the states does seem to have a problem with vanishing airplanes.
    Must be that bermuda triangle thing, though they have found many of the "classic" dissapearance wrecks.

    There was some smoke there, in the footage, but .....this topic has been covered before, airplane crashes can do the strangest things.
    Magnesium based frameworks, thousands of gallons of fuel.

    There isnt always a fire, nor an explosion, but, many airliners have crashed leaving not much to go on, but..............thats if they crash in the ocean.

    A single jet-engine sized crater, and nothing bigger than a phone book?

    Im not a big fan of the media, as usual i can only state the gumbiment of the day , in such circumstances, is shooting themselves in the foot credibilty wise by not releasing everything they have on the matter.

    Looks like a devestating low altitude explosion, not a crash of any sort, what was on the footage, true enough.
  5. I took care of it, interesting link. Post on..

  6. Cool..
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  7. :D

    Yeah, really..when they crash in the ocean..

    I can remember though when TWA 800 was <strike>shot down</strike> blew up and I drove to the ocean and could see fire on the water....
    Those poor people on board that plane.
  8. Aw geez, your not one of those "drunks" are you?


    Seeing wreckage closely resembling an oversea accident flotsam, typical of at-sea accidents, and drawing strange conclusions when a similiar pattern occurs on land.............

    Well, its not my place to speculate on such matters. Except to say, that if any gumbiment wants, or needs credibility, ALL of its secret documents and files should be opened to the public.


    Fuck this 10-40 year national security moratorium, no, fuck that, lets see what your up to, and have been up to, you corrupt, gutless, sonsoffuckingbitches.

    You cant have national security, without a nation-and you dont have a nation without the absolute trust of the populace, regardless of poll data.
  9. Guys, you don't seem to realize just how fragile an airplane really is. There really isn't much too them. The things are made almost entirely of aluminum including the longitudinal beams and ribs. The skin is thin enough for a linebacker to punch a hole through with his fist.

    Now imagine something that fragile hitting the ground at about 700 feet per second. (That's about 400-500 mph) The plane was in a powered free fall when it hit, what the experts call "powered flight into terrain".

    There were no "big chunks" left.

    Another famous plane crash is Pan Am flight 103 that crashed near Locherbie Scotland. In that case there were lots of very large pieces left. Why? Because the plane broke apart at altitude from a bomb. At high altitude (about 30,000 feet), the engines quit and the several large pieces of plane decelerated to a near stop and fluttered to the ground.
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