Video: Mother Of 15 Says The Taxpayers Need To Pay For Her Kids.

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    “Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.” Wouldn’t that person who should to be held accountable be the mother of the 15 kids? Who in the world wants to help an ungrateful woman that scams the system and the generosity of others?

    Maybe if she didn’t have 15 kids with multiple men then she wouldn’t be in a financial world of hurt. Yes, conservatives have a heart and can be generous, but when residents of Tampa go out of their way to help those less fortunate and they receive no appreciation in return then sometime is wrong with that individual. Angel Yulee Adams has had a taste of living off the taxpayer dime and her greed shows.

    This woman is just like Peggy the Mooch and those people in Detroit hoping to get some of “Obama’s money” (see videos below).

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    (TAMPABAY.COM) – A courtroom full of people who paid off Angel Yulee Adams’ debts and found a rent-free, six-bedroom home for her and a dozen of her children waited Monday morning for a sign of gratitude, a clue of cooperation. They waited for a thank you.

    They didn’t get it. Angel Adams, 37, said she was glad to have the home. But she wanted them all out of her life.

    “I’ve been railroaded since day one,” she said.

    The state says day one was 21 months and 28 hearings ago, when Adams first landed in the courtroom of Hillsborough Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan. Ever since then, Sheehan said, the state has tried to keep Adams and her children together.

    But Adams lost her home after failing to pay rent to the Tampa Housing Authority, then recently was evicted from a two-bedroom rental apartment. All her things were dumped on the curb. She and 12 children wound up in a small motel room on E Busch Boulevard.

    Her situation looked a lot better on Monday, thanks to the combined efforts of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the state Department of Children and Families, Hillsborough Kids Inc., the Children’s Home Society and A Kid’s Place — which last week gave her a temporary cottage at its shelter near Brandon.

    Officials from most of those agencies packed the judge’s courtroom Monday to give a status report. Nick Cox, DCF’s regional director, spoke for them.

    “Everyone has bent over backward,” he said. “The mother has been less than gracious.”

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say she's most likely a democrat/Obama supporter.