Video- Meet the children left to die among the bodies of their parents and families

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  1. Channel 4 UK Report From Gaza


    Meet the children left to die among the bodies of their parents and families

    The Internation Red Cross also testified that they pulled the body of a 5 months old baby run over by a tank.
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    Whaaa whaaa, haven't arabs been slaughtering EACH OTHER, for centuries now?

    How's the children of all the Arab women that get ridiculed and raped for ridiculous reasons doing?

    Maybe if arabs hadn't treated each other like garbage these past few centuries...1. Just maye you guys would have been able to stand up to the white man as a unified front, the middle east could have been worth something. Where's Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Northern Africa? Talk the talk, but certainly don't walkt the walk. You guys always say something like "Gaza will be Israeli's graveyard", or "Iraq will destroy the infidels", some garbage like that. Talk like you going to do some ass kicking, then get owned and want to cry about casualities? LOL.

    and 2.Maybe if you guys had gotten your act together with your energy resources and not sold yourselves out to the highest bidder (the white man) you wouldn't be enslaved to him?

    Go cry somewhere else.
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    Arabs lol, the same people that will talk shit all day long about America, say how corrupt it is how immoral it is, yet half the dam arab population is on line trying to get American visa's lmfao.

    And I lmao at this, this is exactly what I was talking about...

    "Muslim parents do not mind their son marrying a white American girl, but they would object if he married a Muslim girl of a different school of thought (Shi'i/Sunni), or different tribe, like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan, Arab vs. non-Arab, Afro-American vs. immigrant, or different class, Syed vs. non-Syed," observes a writer in Pakistan Link.10

    That's so sad.

    From the article below.