[Video Lesson] Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Concepts

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  1. Hi everyone,

    In this weekend's Video lesson I explain a basic technical analysis concept, which is support and resistance, This is the foundation of technical analysis and is the basis on which other concepts are formulated. This is a really important concept in trading and no trader trade's without it.

    There are various forms of support and resistance, Some use horizontal points, some use trend lines and some use moving averages. In this lesson I explain this concept by all these methods and how best to make sense of them and how to use them in your trading.

    A lot of trader's I know, somehow seem to get this concept wrong and then get stopped out of winning trade's or get into trades where there was really no setup. I also explain what mistakes trader's make in using this concept and how you can use this correctly to stay in the winning positions and avoid getting stopped out.