(Video) Ken's Daily Recap: 3 Charts of the Day COIN CLVS PLUG

Discussion in 'Events' started by KCalhoun, Jun 21, 2022 at 9:43 PM.

  1. KCalhoun

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    New feature, though i won't post these daily. example of 2 wins, 1 stop (thx overnight re idea not wins only)

    3 charts in 3 minutes

    feedback..? what to improve, while keeping it really short... thx

  2. Overnight


    Well it is about GOD DAMNED TIME! You need to to that with every day's results, win lose or draw. Do that, plus get rid of the World Engine cursor, and you will increase your business!
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  3. mikeriley


    I enjoyed the video. You exhibit an attitude of a trader
    who truly loves all that the Market offers.

    Thanks Ken.
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  4. the video is nice, but do not see any live trades posted in video or in "live room".
  5. KCalhoun

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    Good point, I can show fidelity blotter with live pnl
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