Video: Great Depression Tent Cities in the US

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Oct 17, 2009.

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  2. She says: "<b><u>Middle class</B></u> Americans living paycheck to paycheck"

  3. hell freakin yea but gs can print money out of thin air and play with millions of people lives like a game. HOW MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAS GS SUCKED BACK IN THE MKT ONLY TO WATCH IT CRASH AGAIN AND WIPE ALL OUT. gs is like the dope dealer on the corner giving crack to the addicted junkies
  4. My heart goes out to all these people, its sad how much we take stuff for granted. A person can be living an honest wage all his life, and end up in a tent.

    I have to hand it to that lady, she stood by her man, even in poverty. Watching this video really made me think about how much I waste, and what I could do to help those less fortunate. I have decided to save 10 bucks every week from now on and donate.

    Sikh Investor.
  5. MattF


    Good threshold is to donate 10% of what you make. 5% at minimum. Where it goes to is up to you.

    The kicker is that the majority of the population have always lived "paycheck to paycheck" over time, if even that. Play with the numbers all you want, they don't lie.

    90+% are hanging on the financial cliff by their fingers, where a good gust or two will blow them over the edge.
  6. Lethn


    When you hear about how politicians have paid for a hooker that kind of morality bickering seems trivial in comparison compared to the millions of people the government and financial institutions manipulate every year.

    This kind of thing is why I laugh at people who tout morals in my face because you just know they have no idea of what the kind of things the very people they support do behind their backs.
  7. This is why imo if you can afford it and times are good a place of your own should be priority nr 1 so you will never end up in the street.

    That doesnt mean go into debt neckdeep obviously.

    Only if you can afford it.
  8. I agree owning your own house (debt free) is a good way of protecting yourself against poverty. In many countries however home prices are still so much out of line with rental prices that it doesn't make any financial sense to buy.

    Why buy for 25, 30 or heck I've seen places offered for sale at 35+ annual rental price multiples? Those who buy at such prices are throwing money out of the window.
  9. what's a good multiple in your opinion?
  10. sad man.

    despite the machinations of Obama, at least i still have a place to call my own.
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