Video: Former General Says Russia Will Not Allow Israel-U.S. Attack On Iran and Syria

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    Israel - blood lust war lovers - Believes GOP Candidates Will Not “Dare to Oppose” Iran Attack

    February 7, 2012

    Further warnings that Israel will attack Iran emerged during the Munich security conference this past weekend. Analysts said Israel will likely attack in June or July, well ahead of the U.S. presidential elections.

    Obama says U.S. and Israel are “lockstep” on Iran.

    According to a report posted by the Inter Press Service, experts on foreign relations believe Israel’s attack on Iran will seek to influence U.S. presidential elections in November.

    Francois Heisbourg, president of the French International Institute for Strategic Studies, said if Israel conducts an attack during the summer before the elections, it will not fear “any immediate political consequences, since none of the U.S. candidates would dare to oppose the attack during the campaign.”

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    Quick question, are you intentionally trying to duplicate as much infowars content here as possible?