Video Driver Crashes

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Peri, Jan 18, 2012.

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    About 2 weeks ago my Nvidia driver started crashing and mostly recovering but sometimes not, leaving me frozen and forcing a restart. From what I found online this typically happens when playing videos or games but not for me, happening with same old same old things I've had running every day for the last year. QT, ToS, and a browser with maybe 3-4 tabs max. And today crashed/recovered without ToS open. I've rolled back the driver already. I'm looking for input and maybe any other easy fix ideas. I'm clueless. Thanks
  2. Well what video card do you have and what driver version do you have?

    In your NVIDIA Control Panel (Start Menu, Control Panel, NVIDIA Control Panel) Find the updates part and see if it is set to download stable releases or beta releases.

    Go back to the most conservative driver. If Windows Updates tries to get you to update then check the NVIDIA Control Panel first to see if there is a newer (stable, non-Beta) version available.

    Outside that - check to see that your video card is seated properly. Also check the card itself to make sure there are no busted or blown caps (

    Outside that... Have you tried Google?
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    I had a problem where sometimes Flash in the web browser froze the whole machine. I read somewhere to roll back to NVidia driver 258.96 .... worked for me.
  5. Probably, hardware failure, bad capacitors, buy new video card.
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    Half agree here .... how old is the card??
  7. Flash is a pig. Watch what happens to your temps as Flash runs.