Video: Diplomatic car that ran over 20 people in Cairo

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Mass murder. Thats a war crime right there.
  3. Hmm...I'm sitting there in my car, I just see a rioter throw a molotov cocktail at some vehicles behind me...then an angry mob of yelling egyptians surrounds my car and starts hitting the windows, meanwhile I see a mob of 200 more egyptians (basically the whole street) heading in my direction.

    Yeah, I'm probably going to hit the gas too.

    You will also notice that before he ran over any protesters that there was some kind of smoke coming from the rear passenger side of the van.(some kind of explosive cocktail?) Were those gun shots going off too? If someone was shooting at him,all bets are off. doesnt matter...the first couple seconds showed a guy throwing fireballs. Thats an act of war. Rules of engagement are you dont attack until they attack first. They attacked first. You are with those type of people, you better prepare for the worst, like getting run down.
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    LOLL Unbelievable. Calling Arabs animals...

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    Mods? Gonna take any action on that one?
  5. If you actually watch the video, you can see they accelerated into the crowd maliciously, and even took a path where more pedestrians were located, as opposed to the main road which had a clearer unobstructed path. They were using their car as a weapon to inflict damage on random civilians.
  6. Stick around, Convertibility refers to Christians as worse things all the time but no one complains.
  7. This guy gives a new meaning to cowardness.
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