Video Cards... Higest Quality, 4-Monitor Display

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by gnome, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Nvidia Quadro NVS 285, PCIEx16, 128MB, dualhead + NVS 285, PCIEx1, 128MB, dualhead. 2, VGA dual cables included.

    Maximum Resolution, 2048x1516

    For 4-monitor rig of "highest quality display" according to Display Mate.

    The cards are NEW except for the time I spent trying to get them to work with my balky TV tuner card. (In spite of Tuner card reluctance, the 2 cards work beautifully for 4-monitor display.)

    I will provide on-phone and online assistance to set up, as necessary.

    $120.00, shipping included. If purchased retail, these cards are approximately $150.00 each, or $300.00, for both.

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  4. You should have run on Linux. I had 2 x NVS285 PCI-E cards running with digital tv tuner card, no problems. A DVICO Fusion "budget" PCI card.

    For anybody looking for dual head cards, I'd certainly reommend these.
  5. No Linux for me... my charting program doesn't run on it.

    There are 3, 285x16 versions, 1 285x1, and 280 PCI. Tried different combinations (which is why I have extra cards now) and eventually got all to work together properly. :D
  6. All gone fellas, thanks.