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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by illiquid, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Need a replacement video card for an old backup computer (uses Win98) -- anyone recommend a decent, inexpensive card for 2d work?
  2. gnome


    You can probably buy an ATI Rage or ATI XPert card on EBay for about $5.
  3. prox


    Yeah, go with the MX440 card for about 30 bucks, as it's still modern and useable. It's really not sensible to save 10-15 bucks and try to pick up a used obselete card off ebay.

    If you do need a PCI card for some reason, I suppose try and find an old Matrox Millennium 2.
  4. thanks all :)
  5. gnome


    Correctomundo.... But if you are thinking ATI Rage and Xpert are "obsolete", you are mistaken.
  6. I'm running and Radeon 7500 and a 9100 PCI version on 2 213T. the picture quality is alrite but the 2D is slow (slow cursor reponse...)