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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kap, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Kap


    Greetings Folks... here's the Q

    I Have a millenium Parhelia Video card which I use for triple monitors, its good - but the thing is I really need 4 + monitors, can any one suggest a decent quad card out there ?
  3. H2O


    I work with a Appian Rushmore (

    Also heard some good things about the Matrox G200 MMS but couldn't get mine to work .....:mad:
  4. I think its the G200 and its a PCI card.
  5. yeah, I have Matrox parhelia and have used the other Matrox cards like the G550, G450. I would say that Appian is a step up from Matrox in light of what I have read about conflicts between co-existing video cards. For instance, I had an impossible time with a G450, G550 combination and the custom manufacturer told me that they would not work properly together. I never hear these problems from Appian multi-card users...
  6. Kap


    Quite keen to stick with Matrox, despite having the occasional freak problems with the Parhelia... the driver support site just sends me round and round in circles, its 99% stable now, I think I will check out the G200 MMS, its been tried and tested for years in the IB's.

    thanks Guys... anyone using a G200 Quad ? issues ?
  7. H2O


    See above,

    Couldn't get mine to work, had to send it back. My computer crashed every time I tried to open any software. (perhaps it had something to do with the mem. (only 32 MB for 4 monitors)

    The Rushmore I work with has 64 Mb and works fine in combination with my G550 (Matrox)
  8. Kap


    Dont like the sound of that, so do you have 2 monitors running on each?
  9. Hubert


    i use 200 it works great

    i also have the appain both are good
    i like the support from appina better

    but they are both good cards
  10. I use the Matrox G200MMS,I have never had any problems with it.
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