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  1. speedy


    What's the best way to get a good dual or quad video display? Using more than one video card or getting a quad card? Anyone know what's out there?
  2. vinigar


    I got my Matrox from EBAY...quad card....I am happy...I could have purchased a cheaper one off of EBAY...however, I chose to buy one which had not been used and straight out of the box....I still saved a ton of money as compared to retail price...I am running a dual card on one computer and a quad card on the other computer....both are Matrox...both work just great for me...suggest you search the site for previous posts on this subject...many other guys have good information and run different cards...the wealth of information from previous posts should set you on the correct path.:)
  3. gnome


    I suggest your post what you would like to display. There are many ETers with multi-monitor setups, and you could pick from the ones that work well.

    If cost is a consideration, you could use 4 single ATI cards for less than $100. Or, you could get a super-duper quad card for up to $1000. Your choice. (I use 4 single ATIs, myself... not because I can't afford more but because 4 ATIs make a perfectly adequate setup.)
  4. I like the individual card route. I have three cards, 1 AGP, 2 PCI.

    The reason I like the individual card route, if one of the cards goes dead, it's less than $30 to replace and I still have at least a pair of montiors in working order. If a quad card fails, you are dead in the water.

    As gnome mentioned...... I find the individual cards w/4-16mb of on board memory adequate for my trading needs. Plus, they are all over e-bay.... Cheap!!!!


  5. speedy


    I would like to either have a 2 pc/dual monitor or 1 pc/quad monitor setup. I run about 4 different trading/charting software programs concurrently plus others such as email, etc. My current card is a 32mb matrox and the redraw seems to be extremely slow. In fact, sometimes I have to move the boxes windows around to clear up the residuals it leaves. I am running on a 2ghz pc with 500 ram. I would like to keep the costs down to around $500-$600. I'm also concerned about compatibility issues. By putting in 4 ATI cards, will it be automatically recognized?

  6. nitro


    I have two Matrox G200 MMS Quads, and one Matrox G550 Dual DVI. They are all in my computer supporting up to 10 monitors (I currently have eight attached.)

    I strongly recommend these cards. They rarely fail, and when they do, it costs me $150 at ebay to replace it (which I have not had to do in two and a half years - knock on wood.)

  7. gnome


    1. Your "slow redraw.. have to move boxes..." sounds like you have a gremlin in your system. None of what you see should ever happen normally. (It's possible that your problem is related to one of your software apps. Something could be hogging your system, so don't forget to check that out.)

    2. My Win2000, 4 ATI setup = 1 Xpert 2000 Pro AGP and 3 Xpert 128 PCI. They all run on the same universal driver, but you'll need to download that from the ATI site (it's not included with XP or W2K)

    3. 2ghz and 512 Ram is plenty, if you fix your problem.

    4. Likely troubles can be avoided if you have all of your cards from the same manufacturer.
  8. DVI or analog the AppianX card has worked great with my four LCD's. Ebay has one going for $49.00 (not my auction). I paid over $700 new two years ago.

    Good Luck, Ric

    Throw out your gold teeth, and see how they roll
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    What charting software are you tunning on these cards?
  10. nitro


    I use TS6, and Quotetracker with IQFeed for backup. I have also tested/used Ensign, eSignal and QCharts with them - all flawlessly.

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