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  1. Nvidia 6200 from MSI are the best ( agp or pci-e) . No fan, cheap, efficient !
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  2. Yeah... I've been experimenting with the newer NVS 440 PCI-x.

    It's a very complex product...
    Not very well documented...
    e.g. no examples for 4 monitors and no troubleshooting section.
    Just seems unstable.
    There is ZERO troubleshooting info on the Web for this rare card.

    And when you call PNY...
    It's "upgrade your mobo bios", etc

    The #1 requirement for trading stations is ABSOLUTE reliability...
    So I'm gonna backtrack to dual monitors and start over.
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  3. Reliability with Quadro NVS should *never* be a problem, so you should look to your own system for issues.

    Did you try running the card without installing the driver? All you really *need* is 4-monitor extended desktop without all the bells and whistles which come with the driver. (I tried the driver with my NVS 280 and uninstalled it. The Windows XP library driver for the NVS 280 is just fine, though that might not be the case for the 440... still, worth a shot.)
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  4. If u have 2 pci card... one must have a special driver to be the "leader"... i had this problem, that's why a switch to SLI :D

    It s not only for gaming... 4 screens with a low end SLI ( Nvidia 6200 ) or Crossfire ( ATI X1??? )
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  5. Probably not correct.

    If you have *only* PCI cards x2, you won't need a "special driver", just (1) BIOS entry to tell your mobo you want PCI to be primary, and (2) designate one of them as "primary" in Display.

    If you have AGP or PCIE + 2 PCI, the PCIs will be secondary.
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  6. ohh yeah u are right ! i have checked.

    But it was true in the old time ! so every thing evolve !
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  7. AllenW


    In my situation, I already have an Nvidia in my AGP slot and run two monitors off of it. If I want to run two more all I need is one of the NVS 200's and a spliter cable? or do I need two NVS 280's ?
    I think I have two PCI slots.
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  8. Adding a NVS 200/280 PCI should work. Yes, you'll need the proper cable... it's not a "generic splitter", but rather specific for that card.
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  9. AllenW


    I meant NVS 200 not 280.........and thank you!
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  10. Either should work, and they should both work together... use the same driver.

    There are some on eBay.. here's a link... <$25. It's got the low profile mounting bracket, but perhaps seller can replace with the standard size... or, you can pick one up elsewhere.
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