Video Card options - 1 four port, or two 2 port?

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  1. I've decided to upgrade my home-built PC, by installing a new motherboard, a new CPU, memory and video. I'd someday like to run 4 monitors. I currently run 2.

    Talking with Nvidia, they recommended a PNY VCQ420NVS-X16-DVI-PB Quadro NVS 420 512MB. This card has 4 DVI ports, but sells for around $459.

    I've heard that you can buy a couple of decent Nvidia graphics cards, and run both to give the 4 monitors. A EVGA 768-P3-1360-TR GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 768MB 192-bit GDDR5 can be had for $149, and since the new mboard has two PCI 2.0 16 slots, both cards should run just fine.

    Can I hear some opinions on whether I should go with the PNY 4 port card, or two of the EVGA cards?

  2. If your rig is for trading and gaming on it is not an issue, suggest you get 2, Nvidia Quadro NVS 295, PCIEx16, video cards (dualheads). Pick them up on eBay for cheap... used is OK, they're hearty and reliable. Should be $50 or less for each. The cards have DP only, so be sure to get the DVI-DP adapters... some sellers don't have them with the card. Passively cooled, no noisy fans. Max res = 1920x1200, if you use the DP adapter... 2560x1600 (single link) if you have DP cables.

    If you're going to game also, you need to get video cards for that.
  3. I used Matrox for a few years before switching to Nvidia. My Matrox cards weren't fast enough to run my favored screen saver.... and I like 'em without fans.

    Is there a W7 driver for this model?
  4. All I run is Window 7 Ultimate 64bit on all my machines and servers.
  5. OP - try something like this:

    I love Matrox as well and am very sad to see the prices of them go that low, especially since I own a ton of them - but the reality is that they are older and pretty slow. For charting and trading only they are fine, but for anything remote desktop related they can be an issue.

    Also re: matrox - motherboards are going away from PCI and going to PCIe so its only a matter of time until those G450 Quads are dust collectors. I've had no issues with drivers (Matrox G450 Quad with W7x64 Pro) except when I run them across Dell motherboards in BOTH PCIx64 slots but NOT in the standard PCI slot.
  6. The first important question is: does your new motherboard have PCI bus (older) or the PCI Express 16 bus (newer)? It seems that it has the newer PCI Express 16 bus.

    The quad card on ebay quoted upthread is for a PCI bus. Not compatible with PCIe X16.

    There should be plenty of makes/models to choose from. Personally I like EVGA and PNY Technologies cards. Their dual cards are typically lower cost. I have used many of them for years for tradig without problem. Buy 2 of them (about $100-$120 for two dual cards, brand new) for you are covered for 4 monitors.
  7. Correct - I would agree with these cards too.
  8. Only a few new mobos have only PCIE slots. Nearly all others have at least 1 PCI slot to accommodate legacy devices. Some day, however, PCI will be gone.
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