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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Harry123, Aug 7, 2003.

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    Hi, currently I have two computers both with with dual monitors. Both computers are using the ATI 9600 pro dual monitor support video card. On one of the computers I wanted to add a 3rd monitor. The question at hand is do I need to buy a completely new video card that supports 3 monitors and take out the current card, or can I add another video card to the pci slot (the current video card is in the AGI slot) and then put on a new monitor? Will the computer recognize 2 video cards at once and allow my real tick to be spread across all 3 monitors as realtick is currently now spread across 2. Looking to go shopping this weekend for the card and monitor appreciate all help. Thanks.
  2. My setup exactly. I have a dual AGP and a single PCI. All are recognized by windows, then simply assign your screens in the logical order you want using the Display properties tab.

    Hit the "Identify" button to have Win put a numeral on each monitor so you can easily determine their virtual placement.

    RealTick (or any other app) can be stretched across them as usual.

    Also note that you can tell your BIOS which video card (AGP or PCI) is the default one, for purposes of displaying boot info and then again in Windows (AGP 1 or 2 or PCI) for the taskbar etc.
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    Excellent thanks...makes perfect sense.
  4. Multi monitors is one of the few things Windows does without fanfare.

    Networking . . . . :mad: :mad: