Video Card help : PCI vs. PCIe x1

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by digdeep, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. digdeep


    Currently running a PCIe x16 dual video card for two monitors, would like to add 2 more monitors. Only have one PCIe x16 slot, should I purchase a PCI or PCIe x1 card; to run two 19" LCD monitors at 1280 x 1024 resolution?

    I have onboard video - ATI graphics - looking for ATI video cards to limit the chances of having conflict.

    Looking at these PCIe x1 cards - any comments? 1305520549 1069620108&name=PCI Express x1

  2. I don't know how you can tell in advance. I've got one which will run with the x16 + PCI slot, but not with x16 and x1 slot... Elephino...?
  3. d08


    Search for "DVI-D splitter".
  4. Pardon? What do you think that will do?
  5. digdeep


    thanks gnome... so aside from the potential compatibility issues - that I won't know until I install the card - would PCIe x1 cards be significantly better than PCI - as far as performance, reliability, less heat; or are all of those issues vid card specific?

  6. Performance for trading isn't really an issue. There is plenty of bandwidth with either x1 or PCI.

    I always prefer cards without fans...

    Suggest you get another card from the same manufacturer as your x16 card... less chance for video card driver conflict.
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    Will do - thanks for highlighting the driver issue - I wasn't aware that I might run into that problem.
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