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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tango29, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. tango29


    I have an s-video jack on my card, can i run my cable tv from the s-video jack on the cable box to my computer? Is this a resource hog if it should work? I have an ati radeon 9800 card if that helps answer.
  2. tango29


    through the computer was the idea so I can put cnbc in the room instead of the room next door. Sounds like just adding a tv might be just as easy.
    thank you
  3. gnome


    Assuming you want the TV in both rooms, you'll need to run a splitter. Either hook it the cable up to a separate TV in the 2nd room, or get a "TV Tuner" card for your PC and hook the cable into it. (The only bad part about the TV Tuner card is that the PC has to be turned on for the TV to work.)
  4. Tango,
    I think the Radeon 9800 has only the S-video OUT, and not S-video IN. (only the All In Wonder Radeon has the S-video IN).
    If you do have the AIW Radeon, you could watch TV on your computer screen, but this will put an extra load on your CPU, i.e. more software running, and may increasing the risk of crash while you trade. I think it's better and easier to have an extra TV in the room.

    Cheers!! :)
  5. bandit


    I just picked up an ATI Wonder VE tunner and video capture card. Works great, but the quality is a little poor. But works great for 29.95.

  6. gnome


    Don't worry about the "extra load" from the TV Tuner on the AIW... it is negligible and will not significantly increase the risk of a crash... uses only about 20Mb of RAM. I've had 2 of them for over 5 years and they've never caused me any problems.
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    for all the help!