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  1. I would like to be able to record my platform at a fast frame rate in real time so that I can analyze my trades at the end of the day. Right now, I can just look at charts and scroll through the time and sales, which is useful but it doesn't show me what I saw in the NY open book or what series of movement lead up to my trades. I want a program that can record and compress in real time at a high frame rate (fast enough to keep up with the open book; I guess I need to experiment with that) without slowing down my platform's execution speed.

    Does anyone have experience recording real time screenshots in a movie format of his trading?
  2. Camtasia might be what you are looking for. I don't know the framerates you can record at though.
  3. fyi, camtasia doesn't work on computers that have mulitple monitors (at least it didnt' for me). it's a drain on your cpu usage as well. good product otherwise
  4. Lots of past threads on this topic and I've usually been involved in them.

    Try Camtasio Studio Screen Recorder at

    However, to do what you ask and how I use it without it causing problems on any computer system...

    * 1 GB ram memory at the minimum

    * Hard-drive at/more 7,200 rpm (preferably 10k rpm at the minimum)

    Get a good DVD recorder because your video files will be large and you want to store them on DVD instead of on your hard-drive even though you may have a huge drive like > 300 GB.

    I usually can get 4-5 trading days of video on one DVD disc and that's recording the trading action on two monitors.

  5. Very interesting. I'm going to try this program out tuesday; thanks a lot.

    What kind of video compression do you use? And, more importantly, how profound was the effect of watching videos of your reactions to market conditions? Did you pick up on things that you wouldn't have otherwise and drastically expedite your learning curve?
  6. works for me, i have 3 19's and have had no problem so far.

    To OP, you can get a 30 day free trial for Camtasia, just search on google.

  7. ken__0

    ken__0 used to capture video like flight simulator x and other games, might work also .
  8. I have multiple computers and it works on two of my system while not working too well on the other system...

    All have multiple monitors.

    Simply, it depends what's on the computer to determine how well it works or not.