Video: Blacks Riot In D.C.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Lincoln should have shipped them all back to their homes in Africa.

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  2. I watched this earlier and was amazed how long it took cops to respond. Then they seemed to leave and it started up again.

    This is why it's a bad idea to even drive through one of these slum areas. Of course, in Washingotn, that rules out literally 75% of the city.
  3. Huh...!:D

    What the hell is their problem...?

    To be fair though, it wasn't really a riot. It was more like a series of fist fights between different groups done mostly for fun...

    Doesn't look like anyone really got hurt.

    The thing that causes the most concern is that they all looked like fully grown adults. I mean, you might expect this kind of behavior from children or young teenagers messing around but not from adults. Also, there were so many people participating or just sitting around and watching. I guess we can all say goodbye to a "civil" society.
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    Wait a minute. Where is this? Did they say Howard University?
  5. Lucrum


    An idea seriously considered but abandoned due to the cost.

    Just think of the longer term savings we would have enjoyed had they made the investment.
  6. Larson

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    What you people are witnessing is the manifestation of the dismantling of the Federal gov't Great Society. These black folk are becoming agitated and pissed as the DC clowns have promised them the moon and now they sense it will be taken away. DC and liberals from both parties have ruined the US. Next stop: cities in flames ala 1960's.
  7. no problem

    seal off the area

    give everyone an assault weapon
  8. Illum


    Looks like the "cops" were just another "tribe" in there. And if real cops were sent in.. They can do nothing as they would be fired or jailed themselves for trying to restore order. God forbid they would have take one down. There would be marches. Enjoy our capital.
  9. JamesL


    Cracks me up that the guy in the little red hoodie has to stop and keep pulling his pants up!
  10. Where are the ET pinko ankle grabbers coming to the rescue?

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