Victoria B.C - looking to share expenses in my office with another trader

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by themoose, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. themoose


    Looking for another trader to share an office space downtown Vic. I'm already in the office and it has room for another one or two guys. Please send me an email.

    thanks for your time
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  3. cold


    Why ????

    so you can learn trading from me

    if I am a successful trader I don't need to share an office

    those who need to share an office with you are useless to

    but all is not bad, since we are both Canadians
    we both agree that bush is a prick :D right :)
  4. themoose


    mature response...

  5. Tums


    strange assumptions you have.
    or maybe naive is a more appropriate word?
    OK, naive is a harsh word. "Simplistic" would fit the bill?
  6. Naive is not a harsh word. Idiotic is a harsh word. Both are applicable here. Obviously there are plenty of arrangements that could benefit both the OP and a trader looking for space.

    The ignore function is a beautiful thing except when people quote the posts of 'members' I have on ignore. Ah well, Ignore has still improved my ET experience.
  7. tyw


    Any word on finding a business partner? What are your expenses? What would be the partners share? What is being split besides the rent?
  8. themoose


    Ok. Let me explain a few things.

    First, I've been trading for 10 years so Im NOT looking for a partner just someone to share the office expenses and perhaps exchange ideas etc.... it's more about the latter as the expenses here are cheap...

  9. Is it close to the Clubhouse? If so, I'm in!!!