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    how do you think about Victor Sperandeo, who is author of Trader Vic I and II.
    I found he wrote this work around 1990 and got a big win at that time.
    I don't know how about him nowadays.

    In the fact he shown some useful method to speculate, and i don't know whether these methods were still useful after his annuncation and so many years later.

    Does he still a famous trader until now?
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    nobody know him?

  3. I believe he stopped trading due to a heartattack..
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    Vic is a great trader. He uses technical analysis and economics to trade anything. He traded stocks and options back in the 70's and 80's, but mostly trades futures now.

    Every trader can learn from his hard work and discipline.
  5. Agree. His book title sounded hokey so I didn't read it for a long time - and I didn't think "Trader Vic" sounded like an intellect. However, he really does get into a lot of good essential stuff including psychology.

    Trading fantasy can be entwined in the need for "vindictive triumph" -- which is usually associated only with arrogant dictator-types. Uncovering/reflecting on where that sort of thinking has taken hold in me has been very helpful. Traders learn about our great capacity for self-delusion -- but he did a good job actually exploring the mechanisms for how it happens.

    I know guys trading 1-2-3 and 2B patterns today, and I believe they are profitable.
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    Thanks for your following.
    Do you know other his works except Trader Vic I and II?
    Shall i know its/their name if you know?
  7. Vic was interviewed by James Turk in this 30 minute video from 6 months ago. Vic always wears a suave suit!

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  8. Here's the newest Vic video I could find. 3 months old.

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