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    Victor Securities is a broker dealer providing solutions for hedge funds, trading groups, active traders, RIAs, SMAs and broker dealers. We offer industry leading platforms, choice of custodian / clearing firms, FIX and DMA connectivity.

    Through dedicated customer service and advanced technologies, we allow our customers to focus on their core goals: generating profit and managing risk. We offer industry leading equity and option trading platforms, tailored specifically to each client’s requirements, supported by superior risk management tools with real time monitoring of trading and risk.

    Victor understands the importance of a Stock Loan Desk in today's markets. We foster clearing and stock loan relationships ensuring our clients have access to superior locates on hard-to-borrow securities and closed end funds.

    Our team specializes in Portfolio Margin, available through all of our clearing relationships. Portfolio Margin provides risk and leverage correlation similar to that which is applied to broker dealers. This enables our institutional clients to actively trade and allocate funds to strategies without the cost, time and regulatory requirements mandated by regulators for broker dealers.

    Victor also specializes in meeting the unique demands of our clients. We often focus on start-up funds & proprietary trading groups. Victor is unsurpassed in its attention to client's needs regardless of their current size and scope. We want to grow with our clients and foster long term relationships.
    In summary, when you Prime with Victor, you partner with success. You are not just another client; you are an important part of our future.
  2. Rates?
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    We are not an online broker that offers a standard rate for everyone. We offer custom solutions. We need to talk, learn more about your buiness. We offer our clients the best service we can offer that helps them run their business they way they want to. Our rates are very competitive, but only one part of what we offer. For equities, options, futures and fx, we also have different minimum capital requirements.

    Send me your contact information and we can discuss your AUM, the asset classes you want to trade, the manner that you want to trade them and any other requirements you have including expected volumes and .....yes....rates.

  4. Neiderhoffer started a broker?
  5. Quick translation: we don't want to publish our rates.
  6. lol, what an outdated business model. Lack of transparency was yesterday, if you want to survive in today's market then you make the utmost effort to establish a relationship of trust, which translates directly into transparency of rates and charges rather than giving the impression that you first try to "feel out the IQ of your customers" before you decide how much to pull out of their pockets with your sweaty, greasy hands.

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    We don't have "published rates". We're not selling cars where everyone gets the same one. Some clients want a platform for equities and don't require our help or advise for anything. Others trade equites, options, futures and need co-locations sites for low latency trading, custom reporting at month end, help with cap-intro, etc.

    Just because your business model might just require a generic platform, no service and the cheapest rates you can find, does not mean a fund with $1mm AUM that wants to be a fund with $50mm wants what you want.

    If all you care about is cost, don't care where your money is, don't care if you have a team to service your account, then stay with the online brokers. There is nothing wrong with that, until you need service on your account. For traders that do volume, we offer better rates and our service with customized solutions.

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    Asiaprop, you have it backwards. To our clients, we offer complete transparency of not only our rates, but also a host of choices for THEIR business model that can't be summed up in a rate sheet on a forum. Hedge funds, trading groups and active traders use introducing brokers to get what they need to run their business, and benefit from good rates. To "survive" as you put it in this very competitive new world of trading, we have to offer more, yet at competitive prices.

    And, as an example of "transparency", I list on my profile who I am and how to contact me. Do you?
  9. I know that you are an ET sponsor, but you should know ET traders always have doubt about some new names. So many other scammers came here and ripped of traders. So we have to make sure you are not Oliver Velez or charles or so many other Charlatans with a new name, before we even consider listen to what you might have to say.

    And just to let you know because you are a sponsor it dosnt give you any right to insult ET readers.
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    My intent is never to insult anyone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone has their own expectations from their broker. I was being told that if I did not publish my rates, I'm doing something wrong.

    Everyone should due their own investigations into who they are doing business with and fully understand not only their rate schedule, but the firm involved.

    I feel this is more appropriate under FINRA guidelines and the know your customer rule, to talk to potential clients and learn about their business BEFORE just offering out rates.

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