Victor Niederhoffer--- Rare Silver Auction Catalog

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  1. Symbols of Excellence: Here is your chance to procure an extremely rare and collectable piece of financial memorabilia.

    In 1998, famed speculator Victor Niederhoffer was forced to sell his prized silver collection to meet margin calls due to convergence of factors causing irreparable harm to his accounts.

    This is the Sotheby's Catalog of the auction lots 1-176 mint condition with the unobtainable seperate final price list included.

    The collection is amazing!!

    Happy bidding!

  2. Aok


    Surf are you the seller or is this just a heads up?

  3. Best trader is the world to sell prized collection to meet margin calls ?
    hahahhahaha. What are the other items for sell ?
    Arafat to sell peace Nobel prize to finance weapons ?
    M. Tyson to sell WBC belt to pay for bodyguard ?
  4. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    Again? What did he do this time?
  5. Surf is Vic's bitch.

    MS idolizes him and anyone else who makes a name for themselves from trading (even if they blow up every 5 years).

    LMAO :D
  6. Everyone should read those articles on Neiderhoffer that were posted about the time he blew up his second fund.

    Fascinating stuff.

    Even after he blew up his first fund he was touted as one of the top traders ever.


  7. the auction occured on 12.15.1998.

    im sure it takes some time to schedule and market the auctions.

  8. facts are VN has returned far more to his investors over the years than he has lost. the guy trades size that you can only dream about and shares his knowledge at no charge. Plus he is a financial innovator and original thinker. he came from humble beginnings, building a small empire. many traders from his tutelege have gone on to great success as fund managers..... ---

    i challenge you to name one other market person who shares these traits at this level.... i bet you can't.

    who is your trading guru, plogic,puretick, the others and the $k seminars??

    get real , man, get real.

    :D :p :D
  9. EPrado


    I love how surf calls VN the worlds greatest speculator. Guy blows out twice....uh huh...he's great alright. VN should be remembered as one of the bigger idiots of the trading world over the last 20 yrs. Blowing out a 2nd time in the exact same manner. Brilliant..........
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