Victims of Obama's Two-Year Rule

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  1. The suspect and victims of the shooting are all victims of Obama's two years senseless rule of America.

    What have the presidential oath failed "president" done?

    • Ignore American people's different opinions on his health care plan, use tricks to pass it into law.
    • Vilify business leaders whenever things went wrong.
    • Spend tax payers' money to “create” job; then travel to Michigan to accept thanks from American workers.
    • Blame, Blame, Blame. Blame Republican two years ago. Blame Republican two months before mid-term election. Found it didn't work anymore. Then blame and vilify China.

    Two year ago, United We Stand; Two years later, shooting each other.
  2. They are all of the same stripe, I am sure McCain would have came up some other wonky caca if elected. Just for the record I think McCain and Obama are equal in all respects and I would be more than happy to have them as head of state, look at the choice we had in the UK a washout and a man of no substance whatsoever.
  3. Excellent post.
  4. I think the era of Blame Bush has passed. Moving forward I think everyone will blame Sarah Palin.
  5. The UK is doing a fine job, lay off 500,000 government workers, austerity, etc. I'd love to exchange your Prime Minister for Obama.

    You're probably one of those nutcases rioting in the streets because they raised the university tuition, eh! [​IMG]
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    There is no thinking about it. They need someone to blame for failed policies. They are only helping to keep her name in the spotlight!
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    Two years ago, United We Stand; Two years later, it's Blame, Blame, Blame and vilify the President because a psychopath shoots people.
    You imagine making political points on the back of a tragedy is in any way valid or edifying?
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    "They" want her name in the spot light.
  9. You should choose not to believe.
  10. 500,000 public sector job cuts, oh yeah I'll crack the jokes, they might cut about a sixth of that number. The usual British response to any fiscal crisis is to raise taxes and duties.
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