Victims of Hubris

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  1. Jesse Livermore

    Nick Leeson, jr.

    Micheal Milken


    Victor Niederhoffer

    Sowood Capital Management (a money market fund - lol)



    Victor Niederhoffer (again)

    International Management Associates LLC

    Bayou Group

    Eifuku Master Fund

    Askin Capital Management

    **Feel free to add to this list. Add individual names as well. You can go here for more suggestions:
  2. Joab


    Me :(

    several times early in my career :cool:

    Interesting blog thanks for the link :)
  3. Me too. Too many times, unfortunately :(.
  4. Since two guys at my prop firm blew up this week, I just wanted to add two other more famous guys to this thread:

    Nassim Taleb

    Richard Dennis (Market Wizard)
  5. Most prop traders don't have much capital up, so how much is a blow up? 4, 5, 6, 7 figures?

    I guess technically, a blow up is losing most or all of your trading capital, but that can be a very small amount at a prop firm.
  6. SteveD


    Milken was railroaded because he made too much money....never "blew-up"...

    Bayou are just crooks....stole the money.....

  7. Milken was railroaded because he made too much money....never "blew-up"...


    Yes, look at what Milken did, let Ivan Bosk. park funds. He did not blow up. He made Drexel a lot of money. He was the fall guy.

    Prop firms are a joke. The trader puts up 5k to trade 200k. The money is pooled. Props are dead. Period.
  8. Famous Meltdowns?..........Orange County, Metalgeselshaft, Kidder Peabody, E.F. Hutton, the Hunt Brothers, Continental Bank and Salomon Brothers came close in 1991 to name a few.
  9. Randolph and Mortimer Duke

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  10. OldSpec


    Nassim Taleb blew up? You sure? How reliable is your source? He blew up or did he actually bleed to death like he had predicted?
    #10     Oct 26, 2007