Vicor Crop, (VICR)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hughb, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. hughb


    Noticed this one in the Barron's stock tables in the beggining of December when it made a new 52 week high. It's been in my watch list since then, and I watched it decline from 10 down to 8 through January. The way it is rocketing back up off of 8 is very compelling, even though the volume is not increasing very much. I bought it today at 9.48.
  2. hughb


    Really starting to take off now, moved my stop up to break even.
  3. wave


    Hold it to 14 and buy it back after the dump and hold to 25.
  4. hughb


    Another nice move again today. There doesn't seem to be any news out and it doesn't really have enough volume to get the IBD crowd interested, but that actually makes me feel even better about the trade. Strong moves without any accompanying news tend to follow through for a good long trend.
  5. hiptogo


    strong move , very promising and will put it on my watch list

    Good luck
  6. hughb


    Time to adjust my stop upwards. It looks like it's high just prior to this most recent jump was 10.50, and that's where I'll put my stop.

    I think if Nick Darvas were trading this he would have judged the previous box to be about 8 - 10, and the current box would probably be about 10 - 13.49.
  7. hughb


    Today was the second gap up move in the last fifteen days, even if they were only small gaps. That's enough to make me a little cautious, I raised my stop to 13.50 just now.

    I've had a cold for the last three weeks, (haven't done that since I was a cigarette smoking teenager), and I haven't been minding the market like I should. I don't feel like I have my hand on the pulse of the market like I usually do.
  8. hughb


    Last night I put in a buy stop order to buy if it rose back to 16, this morning there was an executed trade notification in my inbox telling me I had bought at 15.80 even though my buy stop had never been hit. My broker told me that Naz buy stops are activated by the ask price, not the last trade. I could have sworn that it went by the last trade, (I passed my Series 7 twenty years ago). Oh well, close enough, right?
  9. hughb


    My stop was 13.50, my execution was at 13.41. Can't really complain about that on a day like today.