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    "Vicious" and "idiotic" are two of the adjectives used by classmates of Mittens Etch-a-Sketch to describe the gang bully attack he led against a lower classman in prepschool. In true pathological-liar fashion, Mittens denies any recall of what he did, but unsurprisingly everybody else who witnessed or participated in the event recalls it vividly. I find it very noteworthy that "vicious" and "idiotic" are precisely the adjectives used by one character in HBO's hit series GAME OF THRONES to describe the worst character in that series: King Joffrey, a literally inbred bastard who has wrongfully inherited the most desirable throne in that fictional world. I now consider Mittens Etch-a-Sketch to be the King Joffrey of 2012 America.
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    Max E.

    So we have now determined that Romney strapped a dog to his roof, and also bullied someone in highschool.....

    We also figured out Obama did blow, ate a dog, and shoved a girl when he was a young boy......

    It is a good thing we are getting to the bottom of the meaningful issues.....

    Trivial issues such as the U.S. being 16 trillion in debt, with a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit, 8% unemployment, and a middle class that is being decimated, should not be the topic of conversation, as we have much more pressing issues....

    With all the minor problems facing America, Im really hoping that this hard hitting research by the media eventually leads us to pertinent facts like:

    "what color shoes did Obama, or Romney wear to their respective proms in highschool."
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    Don't flatter yourself, you didn't figure out shit. We know about Obama because he was upfront and honest about his youth. Mittens on the other hand has denied and lied every step of the way: "I don't recall." Yeah, right, Willard.

    Just what we need in the White House: another pathological liar. You didn't get enough of that with Bush and Cheney?
  4. He also said '' Thank you for these cheesy biscuits '' when some folks gave him some prime biscuits to eat.
  5. At least he didn't shove a girl and declare war on women.
  6. Please link us to his school records. Thank you so kindly for you honesty today.

    If the world had more people like you we could all be sitting under rainbows reading poetry.
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  8. I would not want to be judged today by some of the vicious and idiotic things I did as a kid, a teenager, a even as young man. People can change!
    There are plenty of things he can be hammered on which he has done in the more recent and relevant past. This is why good people don't run for office. Who wants to subject themselves to this non-sense? Everyone has some shit in their past.
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    This morning Rassmussen has Romney at 50% and Obama at 43%.

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