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    Does anyone know if Trader Vic is still managing money? I've heard of Ragnar and Hugo Securities but don't know if he's still there.

    I was also wondering if anyone has ever looked into his analysis of trend duration and time risk profiles?

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  3. I thought he was managing money still. Harrytrader posted this link for his novel which I ordered instantly. Probably there is a current bio somewhere in here.

  4. I read his first trader vic book and I still read it to this day, with about a third of the book highlighted and dog eared. I think he is an honest guy who knows what is going on.
  5. I've been rereading the first book little by little for the past 6 months or so. It's a real struggle for me to master the economics sections - actually the whole thing. Funny that disco era photo hides the fact the guy probably should be a Fed governor. His IQ would blind me no doubt.

  6. Speaking of Vic Sperandeo, has anyone read that novel he wrote? Supposedly, he worked on it for 10 years and it was his true labour of love. Someone on this site posted a link to it last fall, but I have forgotten the title of the book and the link...Perhaps someone can enlighten....
  7. Sorry guys, I just re-read the Crashmarker post after I posted the above post...This is what happens when you post without coffee early in the AM...

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    Victor is the president of EAM Partners and is the general partner for a couple of pools. He's working out of Dallas, TX (469)232-2810 if you want to give him a call.
  9. Trader Vic I and II are both GREAT. Really indepth. Vic's theories are from experience, not just theory.

    When my dad wanted to learn TA, that's what I gave him. Trader Vic I. Not too hard, not too easy, not full of mistakes, just good solid stuff. I definitely recommend it.
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    Thanks for the link, I hope that people would be respectful and not abuse it.

    To everyone who posted, thanks for your input.

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