Viacom vs DTV

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  1. All I had to do was call up DTV and complain I was no longer getting Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, and they gave me a $5 a month (for the next three months) discount.

    Bad time to start a war, when there is so much baseball going on.
  2. Glad you mentioned this! I just called and they offered me $10 a month for 3 months and 6 months of Starz and Showtime for free!
  3. you da man!
  4. Call back ask for more haha a friend just got 12 months of $10 off. They keep upping the deals!

    On a side note. The real questions is who will win. Considering we are on a stock forum... Anybody placing bets on either side? Both companies are down about $2 this week I believe
  5. generally in normal times, people bet on content, but as for me, these are not "normal times"
  6. Based on Viacom shutting down the channels for 2 days now I'm assuming they are pretty serious. I'm guessing they meet in the middle unless directv has titanium testicles and would risk quite a few subscribers
  7. I aint going to threaten DTV with cancellation just because I can't watch Steven Colbert.

    Maybe in the winter when there is nothing else to watch.

    But by then, all they have to do is offer me free hockey.

    It would help if the President of the United States stood up to George Bush and his Las Vegas friends (bribers) and made online sports betting legal (again)
  8. As long as you ask, DTV will comply. For internet and cable (including all movie channels) you should not pay a dime over 120. I usually tell them that I got an offer from a competitor (comcast or dish).

  9. I currently am paying $35 a month for them lol. But it will go up some later next year I think and that has a referral $10 off a month credit on there and I don't have all of the movie channels anymore
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    is it not better just to pay for internet service and hulu or neflix?
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