Viacom/CBS buying out Sirius

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  1. I was coming home and listening to 92.3 in the NYC area. It was 9:45pm (tonight, Sunday) The DJ comes on to say that he found out the station was going to all Spanish at midnight tonight. He seemed very emotional stating that all the station employees were going to get laid-off. Then he went on to say that his buddies at CBS radio told him that they were going to buyout Sirius Radio and said that he shouldnt be saying this on the air but he didnt care because he would out of a job tonight. He then went on to say "whats going to happen to Howard".

    I dont know if this is just a spoof by the radio jock. We'll see at midnight tonight if the station is playing all Spanish music.
  2. Sounds like another April fool's joke.
  3. Howard probably wouldn't even care if anything happened because hes a millionaire. It's not like he needs the money.
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    That's a rumor that was spinning yesterday. I don't think Sirius would be into that.
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    CBS and Viacom

    CBS may try to buy sister company Viacom—from which it split some 13 years ago—according to the Wall Street Journal. The report suggests there is as yet no agreement on the price, nor the potential leadership team. This is the companies' third stab at merger talks in the last few years. WSJ