Vhehn, mistos and any other atheists...1 question.

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  1. Why is there something instead of nothing?

    I will sit back and listen to the cricket orchestra while i wait for your response.
  2. I never said that there is no god. I am an agnostic.

    My problem with religion is the arrogance of people thinking that their religion is the true religion, when all most did to arrive at that conclusion was to be born into a society that practices that religion.

    It is one thing to look at the universe, and nature, and think, wow - maybe someone did create this.

    And it is another thing to take some bronze age mythological writings as the word of god, or the writings of a crazed vengeful lunatic on the island of Patmos...

    I find it very interesting that it is always in the past that god(s) frequently and publicly interacted with people... never in the present.
  3. it is a paradox for nothing to exist.

    It might help you understand the atheist point of view if you realized that theism is not theos
  4. interesting question but a better question is if there needs to be a reason for something over nothing why does it have to be a supernatural explanation like a god. every why question man has had,that has been answered, up to this point has been answered with a natural explanation. there has never been a shred of evidence,outside of a series of books written by primitive superstitious men and proven suspect,that points to a god. that being the case why do you cling to the beliefs of primitive men who had no concept of science over the advanced knowledge of today?
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    I'm starting to think that the reason you keep initiating these threads is because deep down you're starting to question your own beliefs.

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