VGA Splitter

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by EpiphanyBlack, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Do VGA splitters work or do I need to put in more video cards?? I've always had tech support, so now I have no fucking clue!!
  2. What is a VGA splitter? What are you trying to do? Having 1 computer with 2 monitors, and both monitors displaying the same image?
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  4. I had previously used some splitters like that. The result was not satisfactory. On both monitors I saw ghost images.

    If you want to duplicate the image display on a second monitor, I think a dual-monitor video card is the best choice.
  5. Thanks guys, I'll see what happens and report back!
  6. You can buy a decent video card for $50-$100 that will do the job.
    What kind of hardware do you have currently?

    Tons of info on dual monitor support on this site, that is one of the few things this place is good for, please report back if you need help.

    I think the "splitter" went out with the rabbit ears!