VG just started to pop up again

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Sep 29, 2009.

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    The good news of running application on Iphone is due. Do your own DD in your trades. It can go above $2.50 in a couple of days.
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    yes what is your problem? Up 300% in the last month.
    Facts on VG:

    Ignored for a long time.
    Best brand on VOIP business
    Profitable in the last two Q. Look at where is PALM now. PALM is a company who is burning cash. That is called pumped and not VG.
    VG announced free international calls to 60 countries which leaves the competitors in dust.
    VG subscription is increasing in an unblievable rate.
    VG application on Iphone is in Beta test and will be relased soon.

    If you are short you better cover.
  3. Yes it's up 300% in the last month, but down alot since your original and every subsequent pump on ET.

    Facts on VG-

    The stock is way too liquid for your Yahoo message board pump attempts.
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    It seems that I was right in my prediction. Their smartphone app is out. For Iphone and BlackBerry. Which one of your investment is up 20% in a week?
    It will hit $5 in a month. 2 Q profitable, known brand, massive increase in subscriptions, Next Q is in November.
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    Did I say that? any proof? :D
    I meant a week after a month :)
    Anyway I can not predict exactly the price but it is going up and I believe reward overcomes the risk.
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    I don't have that many shares. Only 5K. I will keep it (for ever?!!) if it goes below my entery point ($1.55). I use their service and I believe it is fantastic. Look at VG valuations vs. PALM. They are not in the same business but... You get my point.