VG a stock with a great potential to upside

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    VG has been around for a long time. It has a famous brand and has a good product. The only problem is the competition. By competition I don't mean MagicJack or skype. I mean package deals by companies like Comcast. I believe below $3 (actually at 2.85) is a great bargain for traders and investors with a little bit of patience. I believe something good might happen (like buyout) in 2011. If a buyout happens price target could be $9-$12. Maybe it won't hurt if you put some money on VG. Downside is very limited.
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    up 20% by now. Time 12:43 ET
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    $3.40 now. I am selling 20% of my holdings and will sell more as if goes up.I will buy back if it hits $2.90
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    Sold all my holdings in VG.
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    Buy signal if price 7.40% above last close.
    Sell signal if price 7.40% below last close.

    This strategy would have returned 253% over the last 12 months, if traded SAR (long and short), with drawdown of 28%, if my calculations are correct.

    Reward/drawdown was about 7x better than for B&H using this strategy.

    Not suggesting it would still be a good idea to trade this way, just saying what would have worked reasonably well.