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    I had a street rod that weighed in at about 10 pounds per horsepower, it was plenty fast, I cannot imagine what 3 or 4 pounds per horsepower is like.. but I want to find out. Formula one cars are at about 1.3 pounds per horsepower. Watch one leave the pit and get up to the 50 mph speed limit for pit lane, it takes about one second it seems. I may try one of those some day if I can find a racing school that has one.
  2. Check out this article:

    I love this statement:

    "Not only is the Bugatti faster than the Suzuki, it creates more g-force at maximum acceleration than you’d experience in an F-16 jet fighter at take off or when skydiving."
  3. Btw, I think this has a top speed that is better than Formula?
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    Top speed wise it does. I think you have to question the practicality of doing 250mph anywhere but on a track. Really, pushing anything over 150mph on most US roads is asking for problems...potholes, deer, possum, other bad drivers tend to dampen the experience. Ferrari is working on the FXX these days, to be formally released in 2009-2010. I think about 30 prototypes were made and sold to top tier Ferrari clients to drive and provide feedback. Each had to ante up nearly 2M for the privilege. The new FXX will have a zero-60 time that will be under 3 seconds, but I doubt the gearing will allow a top speed anywhere near the Veyron. The FXX will have adjustable front and rear wings to change downforce, 70 millisecond shifting and many other new features.
  5. The Suzuki would be more of an adrenaline rush. Also, the Bugatti would cost you about $430/lb while the Suzuki will run about $23/lb.

    The ultimate adrenaline rush:

    -theoretical top speed of 450 mph. Watch those turns though.
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    What difference does it make? At top speed this car can go for 15 minutes on a full tank of gas before exhausting it's fuel.

  7. they are fos. it will not go 250. an indy race car can only do about 236 and an unrestricted nascar can only do about 220. no way a street car could keep up.
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