Veto in Elitetrader. Members decide who gets Banned

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Members decides who gets Banned.

  1. Yes (I agree)

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  2. No (I disagree)

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  1. This is a thread for us forum members to veto bans. We the people/members run this forum.

    Members decides who gets Banned. Moderators cannot be dictators/decision makers
  2. If members and viewers/readers stop reading and posting in forum then forums will shut down.

    Forums members and viewers have their favourite posters/authors and they wait for threads and posts posted by their favourite author.

    But some moderators decide who gets banned. This is 100% wrong. Members will decide who will post in forums and not moderators. If moderators want to dictate then only 10 or 20 moderators will read their own forum.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
  3. You do understand that you are about to shoot yourself in the foot with this post, right?
  4. You are wrong. What is to stop Bearice from creating 100 aliases and then having them all vote to ban someone?

  5. Bearice has contacts with world media and high profile people. Some moderators know this. The information that I post in elitetrader is forwarded to world media and high profile people. The world should see my statements and writings changing the world forever. The reason I post in forums is that I receive excellent information from other members who post in my threads and I forward this information to world people through my contacts.

    Please remember "Bearice statements and writings can bring down anything and anybody in this world". Someday I will get angry and I write something against forums and then forums will shut down. But I kill time by posting in forums and also give people important information. So I do not want to shut down forums. But if forums owners do not behave properly and do not improve then I will make the harsh and ultimate decision.

    Bearice has started some the best discussion threads in history. Elitetrader is fortunate that Bearice considers elitetrader as his own forum. Today elitetrader is world famous and high profile people read elitetrader because of Bearice's statements posted in elitetrader (majority in economics section). But Bearice has been banned from economics.

    Look at other forums. No important and world changing information posted there. Some people call me "brave enterpreneur".

    Never play with Fire and Bearice or you will be destroyed (God's rule/law).

    If Bearice is banned from forums and I decide that forums are of no use to me anymore then all the forums will be shut down forever.

    Bearice is the most dangerous man on the the internet.
  6. Lucrum


    That is some seriously grandiose self delusion.
  7. Bearice is planning to buy elitetrader that is the reason I do not want to shut down elitetrader. I use forums to my advantage and when forums are of no use to me anymore then I will shut down forums.

    Bearice feeds forums and forums do not feed Bearice.

    When a mouse/rat is cornered it fights back but it will not survive. The rat will be destroyed in 1 second.

    In fact, Bearice uses 7 or 8 Billion people for his advantage and games. When human beings are of no use to Bearice anymore then human beings will disappear forever. (god' rule /law).
  8. Lucrum


    Like I said that is some seriously grandiose self delusion.
  9. Beatrice suffers from logorrhea.

  10. Lucrum


    I believe Dr. Digler has found the proper diagnosis.

    And your prognosis sir?
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