Veteran's Day

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  1. I took this picture at the American Cemetary near the beaches of Normandy. It was a serene, beautiful place and a very powerful experience. Go there or to Arlington if you ever get a chance. These places are sacred ground and represent the ultimate sacrifice paid by those we honor on Memorial & Veteran's days.


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  3. So who is Calvin Webb?
  4. Nut, thanks for those great pics and video. I just randomly took that pic of Calvin's marker.
    I spent a couple of hours trying to find Calvin on the web. He was in the 82nd Fighter Squadron whose main mission was escorting long range bombers on their runs into Germany. In Feb. 1944 the 82nd was assigned to clearing the skies over Normandy in preparation for D-Day. Calvin was shot down April 1, 1944, more than 2 months before D-day. Here's a link to learn about the 82nd.