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  1. his message is the only one worth listening to, most everyone else who are candidates are fake and the status quo.

    he truely believes in what he says it seems.

    as the economy enters dire straits, the power elite will loose control, and messages like Ron Pauls will spread like wildfire.

    ofcourse, you can bet everything will be done to prop up the economy so this version of the future has little chance of happening.
  2. Here's a Ron Paul fun fact:
    He voted AGAINST the Amber Alert system in 2003. Thankfully it passed and has thus far helped save the lives of over 200 children that otherwise would of been raped and/or murdered. Thanks Ron Paul!
  3. I love Ron Paul!

    My propaganda: "A vote for Ron Paul, is a vote for Constitution, a vote for a Constitution is a vote for America"

    :) :D :p :D :)
  4. a vote for ron paul is a vote for a recession
  5. Where did you get your statistic that 200 children were saved by the system?

    Did you your read the Amber Alert act? You probably did not, just like most of congress. But I'm sure that Ron Paul did and I'm sure he had a very good reason for voting against it.
  6. How so? Maybe for sectors that rely on government spending.
  7. and a vote for any of the others is a vote for a depression
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    I love how try to paint Ron Paul as the bad guy here , and you have never even looked at the Amber Alert Bill that passed. Do you really think that the bill was simply just the Amber Alert with no additional garbage added to it? Don't be so foolish.

    A Senate and House Conference Committee, without a hearing, public notice or a debate in Congress, attached the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (formerly known as the RAVE Act) to the Amber Alert Bill (a child abduction bill). As Drug Policy Alliance comments, "This is “backdoor” policy-making at its worst and in no way upholds the democratic principles rooted in our legislative process."

    Congress will also vote on the Hatch-Sensenbrenner amendment to the Feeney Amendment to the Amber Alert Child Protection bill. This bill puts in effect puts sentencings in the hands of prosecutors while tying the hands of federal judges. Go here to act now.

    section 521 - makes it a crime to use a “misleading” domain name with the intent to deceive a person into viewing obscenity on the Internet, or with the intent to deceive a minor into viewing “material that is harmful to minors” on the Internet. This provision is similar to section 108 of the House-passed bill, which was added as a floor amendment with no prior consideration in either body.

    Section 202 - extends the statute of limitations for certain crimes against children. This provision is substantially narrower than the version passed by the House, which covered a laundry list of crimes having nothing at all to do children

    Hatch-Sensenbrenner amendment - The amendment effectively creates a judicial “black list” of judges that stray from the draconian mandates of this bill. The Hatch-Sensenbrenner language retains the Feeney amendment’s attempt to intimidate federal judges by compiling a “hit list” of all judges who impose sentences that the Justice Department does not like in any type of criminal case. It takes a sledge hammer to the concept of separation of powers.
    In a further demonstration of hostility to our Federal judiciary as envisioned by our constitution, the Hatch-Sensenbrenner amendment removes almost all discretion for federal judges to depart from the sentencing guidelines in some extraordinary cases
    Speaking about the original Feeney amendment, Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote: “this legislation, if enacted, would do serious harm to the basic structure of the sentencing guideline system and would seriously impair the ability of courts to impose just and responsible sentences.”
  9. a vote for the others is a vote for fema camps.
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